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Are we really thinking about Autumn already? This month is already the time to think of School Uniforms, sportswear, books and schoolbags. How to get the children back into a routine – back from school, tea, sitting down to homework, play, supper, bath, bed!

Thinking of anything to help with this routine? – the kitchen is the hub of the home particularly during term time – and where does American Diner Style furniture really fit into all of this?

 Lets set the scene:

 Cola Red Retro Furniture: Imagine coming home with the family on a typical rainy autumn end of school day.

You: 'Everyone races out of the car miserable because the rain is pelting down yet again, keys out, door open, children fall in and fill the hallway – coats thrown on the bannisters, still soaked to the skin – everyone rushes through to the kitchen falling over themselves – the kids race to throw themselves on their chairs – they bang their homework bags down on the table...'

Cola Red Retro Furniture: Don't worry ;) - the table's ok! – large or small - its hardy – it can take it –

You: '...hands washed, tea out,, books out – and the best thing? they 'want' to sit down for a change...'the kitchen's the place to be'

 It doesn't matter the size or style of your kitchen – 50's American diner style will work – just by changing the colours and finishes – they are such classic lines and if you stick to the authentic production – you will get the longevity, hardiness and practicality that doesn't always follow when you want something to look good too. Take the Hudson Chairs seen here with the Lexington De Ville Table

Large Kitchen Retro Table Lexington De Ville

– Chosen this time in Baby Duck Egg Blue they work perfectly in this modern family kitchen – the double memory foam gives the older members the comfort factor – the colours give the younger members the fun factor – and the Lexington De Ville Retro Table is the best large kitchen table around – the american width – the chunky aluminium trim around the double laminated tabletop – once you have it you won't want to change it – friends and family – large group gatherings or kids spreading their projects on the table to work on– and always looking good.

 Or how about the Lexington Booth seating? The iconic Lexington designs– shaped just like the 1950's classic car seats that you see in all the films – those curves are irresistible – to children and adults alike. And the quality of the Lexington and West Side Booth seat designs are second to none – made like a sofa – not flat based where you can feel the frame underneath. Just about one of the best options for getting the children to sit down and slide in – they won't want to get up again! The Classic Lexington Booth seating chosen here for a Classic American Diner Style kitchen. In American Beauty Red with matching Lexington Designed Sled Based Chair mix - by adding the aqua blue walls, iconic Black & White Chequered floor and the Black & White American style artwork it shows a purist feel - The stainless steel American Size Fridge Freezer - perfect for the family and pops you right back into 2016! Who wouldn't want to do their homework here!

Diner Style Retro Booth Bench Seating in American Beauty Red Lexington Classic 

If you didn't have the space you could consider the Liberty Kitchen Stools – with each person in the family choosing their own colour like here in Baby Surf Green, Baby Rose Pink, Bristol Blue and Baby Duck Egg Blue they look fabulous in a modern kitchen 

Retro Kitchen Bar Stools Diner Style Liberty

– and as far as kitchen stools go, they are definitely one of the most comfortable on the market – the size of the seat pad will allow the younger members to sit and be happy to eat or work without falling off or feeling unsteady! The frame is welded as one piece (no screws seen!) which gives you the comfort of strength and durability in a busy household. Choosing 1 or 4 – they are such a great alternative in a smaller space – and washable too for all those sticky hands.

Check out other table size options here to fit into your own individual style and space. Family and school life just got better..

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Nowadays it is harder to check out the quality of unique pieces of retro furniture unless they are either at the top or bottom end of the market sitting on the 'floor' of the major stores. When you have a niche product that is special in the 1950s diner style, you want to see it, touch it, feel it and check why you may need to pay a little more to get the item that you 'really' want in your home - that is truly authentic. We get it - we are all on budgets today - we, ourselves, need to be informed as to why we would pay more for a product - why shouldn't you?

And next week you can see our iconic diner style at your leisure! 'GRAND DESIGNS LIVE' EXCEL CENTRE, LONDON 30TH APRIL - 8TH MAY - INTERIORS SECTION STAND L252 and hurry as there is a limited ticket discount we can offer you too..


Quality is important with retro furniture design. Why would you want to spend your money on something that doesn't live up to the pictures you have seen on-line? - once it is in your home it is difficult to find the money to re-buy so you need to make a considered purchase. Deciding on the diner-style is a life-style choice - whether it is for your retro kitchen, living room, 1950s diner style games room, office canteen or 50s cafe - if you are spending any money - you may think 'oh I can always change it' but in reality you may not be able to for a long while.

So - we have a showroom for you to view our retro furniture! We are confident enough in our quality and style to get you to sit on our furniture and show you our depths of colours before you buy. Click here to ask for an appointment to meet us

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First and foremost, anyone can create their dream games room, it doesn't matter how big or small your home is. We've seen everything, from pure games rooms to games areas tucked neatly into the corner of living rooms and even in funky garages! 

Over the years we've had a lot of experience in helping to style games rooms. It's probably the one place you can be most daring and creative in your house, and we have some advice for creating the most exciting entertaining room around!   So, if you're lucky enough to have the task of kitting out a games area, then look no further! 

Different types of games room

1)  Tip number one. Be clever with the layout of your room. Don't try to cram too much in - a game of pool is never fun when your winning shot is rudely interrupted by the wall behind! Try to stick to what will work around each other well and what you think you will get the most use out of.

Ocean Aqua Games Room

2)  Go bold with your colours. Because if you can't do it in your games room, where can you? Deep reds and purples or aqua blues and greens – be inventive.

3)  Don't forget the old school classics. There are hours of fun to be had with retro machines like pinball and Pacman! Plus, they look super cool... We'd have one just to look at!

Retro Games

4)  If you're into cards or board games, invest in a round table that's not too big and not too small, so everyone has space for their cards but can still reach the middle. The Cola Red West Side Table, with its smooth flat surface, is perfect for this.

West Side Table

5)  If you've got a favourite sport or team, here is the best place to let your love shine! A fabulous games room we saw recently was a tribute to a favourite Football Club, with signed shirts covering the walls and a row of seats from the old stadium providing a fantastic spectating spot. (Spot the Liberty Stool standing proud alongside!)

Arsenal Games Room

6)  Make sure you have somewhere for people to sit, watch and cheer – a row of booth seating alongside your favourite games table, like a pool, snooker, table tennis or ice-hockey table, works great!

7)  Also opt for some flexible seating. Stools work really well as you can move them around easily to the centre of the action.

8)  Go all out with your accessories. Think neon signs, huge wall prints or murals, and old school juke boxes. They are a fantastic way to finish your room off and give it that really special look. 

Retro Accessories

9)  If you are looking to have a bar in your games room, (and who wouldn't if there's space!) go for bar stools with a back rest, like the Cola Red Manhattan Stools. Depending on how much you think you'll be using your bar, think about where you bar should go - should it be the centre of the action or at the side to leave the glory to the games?

Manhattan Bar Stools

10)  And the final finishing touch - a scoreboard! Black boards and white boards work well, or you could even get crafty and make your own along these lines, customising to the games in your room. 



Now get creative!

10 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Games Room

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How to Win Gold for your Home

6 Nov 2015 18:03:26

This year we have seen yellow and ochre storming the pages of magazines and homes as the accent colour of choice. Dulux have now confirmed this trend is here to stay by unveiling 'Cherished Gold' as their 2016 Colour of the Year.

 Dulux Cherished Gold Colour of the Year

(Found on

The Gold that Dulux describe is an elegant matt emulsion rather than a glittery, glossy metallic. A warm and versatile colour, it pairs well with both subtle pastels and deep, dark tones and is also a nostalgic nod to the recent (60 years ago!) past.

The 1950s was a time of transition for Americans and colour trends can speak volumes about the eras social trends. Buttery yellows and golds are associated with the period for their use in entertaining rooms, where it represented sun and optimism in the good times after WWII.

Pastels were a classic theme in the 1950s and yellow was often the central colour in these schemes. These pastels have come back to our homes in force in recent years and these photos of Cola Red® customer homes are a fantastic example of the way yellow can work in a modern retro pastel kitchen today.


(Left: Lexington Booth Seat and Route 66 Chairs in Lemon Peel Yellow, Right: Liberty Stool in Oyster in Cherished Gold room with Smeg fridge.)

Gold and yellow also looks great contrasted with dark blues, greys, and even black, as well as paler hues at the icy end of the colour spectrum. Our favourite, and one we've seen a lot of this year, is the pairing with deep Ocean Aqua and Atlantic blues, where the bright and sunny yellows deliver dramatic contrasting results. This Cola Red® customer photo shows how the yellow challenges the dark blue to lift the room and give it warmth and optimism.

 Yellow and Blue Cola Red Customer Kitchen

(Liberty Stools in Lemon Peel Yellow in a dark petrol blue kitchen)

To create a 2016 look in retro fashion, match Cola Red® Lemon Peel Yellow chairs, stools or booths as an accent in your kitchen or diner. Alternatively, apply Cherished Gold or similar paint on a wall or two and pair it with Cola Red® furniture in any blue, grey or black!



 P.S. We know it's more lemon than gold, but we love this customer's 50s kitchen so much that we just had to give them a shout! See how they bring it to today's contemporary vibe by adding the cool Dove Grey in the West Side Booth.

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Back to the Future!

23 Oct 2015 18:15:16

With Back to the Future day kicking up a storm this week (literally, with Nike's self-lacing trainers!), we thought it was about time that we brought ourselves Forward from the Past and got up to speed with social media!

You can now find Cola Red on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram! 

Follow us if you would like to see posts and photos of retro furniture and retro kitchens on your social media feeds.

Also keep an eye on this blog as we will be posting much more regularly about all things retro and interiors.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Summer is Here

25 Jun 2015 20:55:33

Summer is here - at last - longer lazier days by the sea, in the park, walking in the countryside or simply at home. Ice cream, people watching at a sidewalk cafe, barbeques in the garden with a drink and a homemade burger. The feel good factor is what the sunshine brings us - at Cola Red we think of that too - our colours, our comfort, our style - We are fed up of austere lines in furniture, harsh materials - don't touch the table you may damage it! Bring the sunshine in - the outside in - comfort, fun, funky and authentic - take the Classic, authentic bespoke finish of the Lexington Corner booth seating in the best summery Baby Duck Egg Blue 

Summer Classic 1950's retro diner style with pure curved lines and the most comfy seating ever! The fun factor of the 50's car shaped lines with perfectly proportioned stitched edged panelling and a pop of contrasting piped edged trim - relaxing back in the seat - this is what we all need - lasting fun for summer's to come..

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We have seen pink everywhere so far this year – whether it’s on the catwalk in Paris or in a simple home setting, it is 2014’s most essential colour!

Although the weather is awful at the moment, that doesn’t mean that we have to wear dull clothes to match it! These pink coats are all over the catwalks this year and they are gorgeous – helps to put a spring in your step no matter what is happening with the weather..

Over the gloomy Winter months I’m sure it has rubbed off in your homes too.. Why not bring a bright pink item into your home? We can see that it helps this neutral living space be turned into a funky and fresh look that brought some light into this room – love it!

Cola Red® are fitting in perfectly with this trend as our vinyl ‘Rose Pink’ is a match made in colour heaven! This beautifully subtle shade can bring a splash of life into a simple home and liven up those dull Winter colours! Our Liberty Stools are timeless and look amazing in any environment, also fits in with the fashion colour of the year – really reminds us of Strawberry Ice Cream don’t you think? Get prepared for the upcoming Summer season and let Cola Red® bring life into your home..

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Cola Red® has caught John Lewis’ eye and we think it’s a match made in heaven! John Lewis was struck with Cupid’s arrow when they caught sight of our fun and authentic 50’s diner style furniture. Currently they are revamping their website which will include our latest Cola Red® images – obviously our fresh charm and cool designs have left them head over heels! Cola Red® will not only bring a classic, funky and iconic feel to your home but we will provide you with a quality and authenticity that is second to none, and you know what they say ‘if it’s good enough for John Lewis…’

Cola Red for John Lewis

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Cola Red have been busy choosing some Classic Retro Colour Combinations to inspire our Spring Summer 2013 range of Furniture – Using subtle tones of Chalk White and Oyster with splashes of colour from our Ocean Aqua and Lemon Peel Yellow these colour’s will grantee to bring a fresh and stylish retro feel to anyone’s home! Zesty Mandarin Orange, Regal Royal Blue and Calm Chalk White - We have a colour combination to suit everyone’s mood -… What’s your favorite Spring Summer Colour Trend? 

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Christmas is Here!

12 Dec 2012 17:29:00

Christmas is only two weeks away! Tree’s are getting decorated, Presents are being wrapped and Mince Pies are being eaten.  Are you worrying about fitting the whole family round the table this Christmas? Don’t fear as Cola Red is here! Our West Side Chairs in American Beauty Red and Chalk White are the perfect shape and style to ensure everyone sits comfortably round the table this festive season!

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